If you are planning a holiday just to relax and enjoy Turkey most beautiful coast line with great bays, aquarium beaches, and amazing historical ancient cities hidden in a breathtaking landscape our cruises are the best solution for your travel need. We have different cruising destination in Turquoise Coast and with alternate boat options.


Style Facts

Transport: Cruise boats and gullets.

Accomodation: Double cabins with private facilities.

Single Supplements: Compulsary for single travellers.

Recommended Age: Minimum 18 years

Tour Personnel: Simply Turkey Experienced boat crew

Included Meals: Breakfast Lunches and Dinners

Guaranteed departures: no requirements departs with every booking

Tour Durations : 9 Days  


Blue Cruise Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum - Tour Duration 8 Days

Blue Cruise Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum - Tour Duration 8 Days

Prices Starting from €655 Euros

Cabin charter is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful wonders of the Turkish coastline. You may choose to enjoy the cruise on your own, with friends or family and the number of cabins you would like to rent is up to you.